We're a dedicated group of students passionate about the potential of hydrogen gas turbine engines. Through our designs, fabrication, and testing, we aim to elevate the efficiency of these engines. Our endeavors reflect our sincere desire to play a role in the global energy dialogue and champion sustainability in engineering.

Our approach at the MIT Sustainable Engine Team is rooted in a culture of continuous learning. We employ a CFD-guided design approach, helping us navigate the complexities of fluid flow and thermodynamics in our engines. Paired with a solid understanding of fundamental physics and foundational engine cycle analysis, we gain valuable insights into engine operations. Together, these methodologies inspire our endeavors as we seek to add value to the vast realm of sustainable energy.

Our journey is further enriched as we explore advanced technologies like 5-axis milling and metal 3D printing. Such tools inch us closer to the realization of a modern turbine power system. As we move forward, we will harness the collective knowledge of our team members, spanning mechanical, electrical, and software engineering, alongside materials science and more.

Below is a video of our latest test. We provide more regular updates on our LinkedIn Page. We will release our design in STEP format once we finalized our design.

This journey and the exciting work we're doing would not be possible without the unwavering support of our sponsors, who share our vision for a sustainable and energy-efficient future. Their generous contributions and resources enable us to push the boundaries of innovation and make significant strides towards our goals. We extend our deepest gratitude to them for their ongoing support and commitment: